Get back to your best life

Restore your healthy, strong back and re-discover the things you love. 

getback™ devices are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic
Goods[ARTG], Certificate #244352 as Medical Devices Class 1
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Fast Jet Pilot Project
uses getback devices

What is the getback objective?

The getback treatment programme uses medical rehabilitation devices to increase the strength and flexibility of your spine’s deep stabilising muscles with highly targeted movement and loading.

The getback rehabilitation technology controls your individual back health programme and measures and records your strength and movement data to track your recovery progress.

Why are the spinal muscles so important?

A group of small, powerful muscles (the multifidus) play a critical role in stabilising your spine for movement. getback™ treatment re-activates and strengthens these deep spinal muscles to improve your mobility and spinal co-ordination.

Spinal health you can see

The getback devices were designed by Biomechanists and Exercise Scientists to safely increase the strength and range of motion of your spine’s deep supporting muscles.

The devices control the load and guide your movement during each treatment, providing real-time feedback to ensure you’re always exercising within a range that has been prescribed as pain free.

Every treatment of your individual programme is supervised by our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists and your strength and movement data is measured and recorded for continual review.

A measurable pathway

The getback team is dedicated to providing you with a clear, measurable and affordable pathway to spinal health. Your Initial Consultation helps us understand the pattern of your back or neck pain, and whether a getback treatment programme is suitable for you.