Movement as Medicine for Nonspecific Chronic Low Back Pain

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Professor Emeritus John Carlson

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Movement as Medicine for Nonspecific Chronic Low Back Pain

Programme Overview:

This CPD course aims to provide Doctors with the most current research information supporting the use of ‘movement as medicine’, with a specific focus on nonspecific chronic spinal pain.

It is also very pertinent in light of the recently released Clinical Care guidelines (2022) and National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management (2019) report into pain management requesting a move towards evidence based and technologically driven innovative pain management interventions. This course aims to inform Doctors regarding targeted, staged-progressive, isolated and quantifiable exercise effects in order to understand the effectiveness of these practices in a treatment intervention for patients with chronic back pain. 

The course will provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills to understand the role that exercise can have in the rehabilitation of their patients with nonspecific chronic spinal pain. The aim is to provide Doctors with a practical classification of back and neck pain in order to determine the prevalent movement patterns/categories limitations of back and neck pain. 

This information will enable Doctors to educate patients on the benefits of exercise and to prescribe and refer patient’s movement prescriptions to consulting Exercise Therapists.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the evaluation of the patient’s movement limitations and identify the back pain classification of these movements in patients presenting with chronic spinal pain.

  • Explain how the physiological mechanisms and the function of specific deep spinal musculature are related to chronic spinal pain.

  • Describe the role exercise can have in addressing the major mechanisms underpinning chronic low back.

  • Identify and describe the exercise principles and the specific exercise modalities of rehabilitation programmes which will enable Doctors to educate and refer patients to specialist rehabilitation options which are evidence based and best practice.