You are what you eat: nutrition and self-care

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A personal tragedy started a journey for Nutritionist Bonnie Chivers to raise awareness of the impact food and lifestyle choices can have on our overall health. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in self-care and if embraced, food can be harnessed in ways that have very positive impacts on our overall health. The saying ‘you are […]

Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist: what’s the difference?

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By Geoffrey Mackay, Co-founder of getback and Principal of Middle Park Physiotherapy One of the most frequently asked questions by patients is ‘What’s the difference between a Physiotherapist and an Exercise Physiologist?’ getback encourages a multidisciplinary approach when treating patients with back and neck pain and relies predominantly on the skills of Physiotherapists and Exercise […]

How is getback different from other back pain treatments?

By Geoffrey Mackay, Clinical Director and Co-Founder of getback We all understand back pain is very common – everyone knows someone who suffers from a ‘bad back’. Many of us have at least one episode of back pain in our lives, while sadly, some have chronic back pain. Back pain can be painful, debilitating and […]

Why your Initial Consultation is so important

Your Initial Consultation at getback is the most important 30-minute appointment you will have. Why? Because it’s all about getting to know you and understanding the pattern of your back or neck pain. For many patients, back and neck pain is mechanical by nature. There is a pattern to the pain – movements or activities […]