Physio for back pain relief

getback™ physiotherapy is designed to ‘switch on’ any weakened or injured deep spinal muscles to improve your strength and mobility, and reduce pain.

How does getback treat back pain?

How does getback treat back pain?

Recent guidelines developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care recommend people experiencing back pain focus on movement as therapy.

getback™ offers specific, targeted and isolated exercise treatment to mobilise and strengthen the deep spinal muscles associated with back pain.

People with back pain often have significant weakness in these muscles, which play a critical role in stabilising the spine for movement.

When these deep spinal muscles are healthy and strong, they activate in preparation for movement, stabilising the spine and protecting it from excessive range of motion.

During an initial consultation to assess your back pain, the strength and mobility of your spinal muscles are measured. This data is used to design a customised treatment plan with specific and measurable targets.

Hands-on Physiotherapy treatments may be required before moving into exercise-based therapy.

Safe and supported movement-based therapy

When pain and loss of strength is involved, it’s vital for patients to start movement-based treatment in a safe and supported way. The most important factor is the ability to control loading through the full range of movement.

getback™ treatment is facilitated by rehabilitation devices which precisely control loading for each exercise in your customised plan, based on your recorded strength data.

The devices are designed for isoinertial loading, where loading corresponds to muscle capacity at each point of movement. Regardless of load, your movements will be smooth through the full range of movement and your exercise is always supported and safe.

getback™ treatment is facilitated by rehabilitation devices

How long will it take to feel results?

Patients are able to track their improvement in their data with our Physiotherapists.

After your initial physiotherapy consultation, a customised plan of between 12 and 24 treatments is designed for you.

getback™ recommends two treatments of approximately 30 minutes per week.

Most patients feel an improvement in their strength and range of movement within four weeks. Patients are able to track their improvement in regular reviews of their data with our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.

Typical results of a 12 week getback treatment plan

How do getback devices enhance your treatment?

Six rehabilitation devices target specific stabilising muscles of the spine.

Each device is connected to a central database, which records every treatment and accurately tracks your progress.

Every movement is measured and shown on screen, giving you instant feedback.

Your strength and movement data is recorded for continual review.