Get back to… a good night’s sleep

Getting a restful sleep isn’t just about the number of hours. Sleep position and quality are just as important to keep mind and body healthy. According to sleep experts, sleeping on your back offers the most health benefits, particularly for the protection and alignment of your spine. Jane lived with chronic pain in her lower […]

Get back to… surf and samba

When you live in a beautiful beach town in Brazil, it’s important to have a strong and flexible back, with all that surfing and samba dancing to be done.  Tim Hosking has been living the dream for 12 years, based in the coastal city of Florianopolis in southern Brazil.  A keen surfer since his childhood […]

Get back to… the garden

A recurring back injury almost put an end to Peter’s days of pottering in the garden.  The only crack you want to hear in the garden is when your secateurs slice cleanly through a branch that needs pruning.  Unfortunately for Peter, the cracking sound as he was gardening was very unwelcome, signalling the recurrence of […]

Get back to… the gym 

Building muscle strength is beneficial for our health, but maintaining balance in the muscle groups is just as important.  Daniel Zoltak is a strong, robust young man, but that didn’t make him immune to back pain. Fit and healthy, Daniel came to getback after injuring his back at the gym. ‘One of the things that […]

Get back to… Dr King’s fast track to fitness

He ministers medical care every day to others as a General Practitioner, but Dr Adam King confesses that he’s a ‘bad patient’ himself. Two years ago, Dr King fractured two vertebrae in his cervical spine – the C1 vertebra, the C5 vertebra and also the base of the skull. It was the early days of […]

Get back to… the driver’s seat

Many of us know how debilitating chronic back or neck pain can be. It can affect many areas of our lives, including the activities that give us greatest pleasure.  But chronic back or neck pain can also impact how we perform relatively mundane activities that are critical to our everyday lives. For Sharon McPherson, it […]

Get back to.. Ross serves it up again

Ross Thomson’s neck pain took away one of his great pleasures in life. But now he’s back on court after finding the right treatment to manage his spondylosis. Several years ago after a CT scan, a doctor delivered what Ross Thomson describes as ‘sobering news’. He had severe deterioration (spondylosis) of the neck and back.  […]

Get back to… Exercise after a stroke

By Annika Järvinen For patients recovering from a stroke, the right rehabilitation can be difficult to find. Nordic Health patient Kalervo shares his rehabilitation story after suffering two strokes. Structured and personalised medical exercise therapy Sixty-nine year old Kalervo has a history of health issues including two recent cerebral infarctions, or silent strokes. The strokes […]

Get back to… Nadja’s dancing again

At 25 years of age, Nadja had suffered from years of chronic lower back pain. Visiting the Nordic Health Clinic, she thought the David devices (the same devices used by getback) looked similar to gym equipment. But she quickly discovered there were very important differences.  I suffered from dull low back pain for many years, […]

Get back to… Juha’s return to active duty

Three years ago, police officer Juha had to retire due to prolonged back pain from scoliosis. But his retirement took a surprising turn when he began device-based rehabilitation at the Nordic Health clinic in Helsinki. When he retired from his police job, Juha never imagined he’d walk without a cane again, much less be able […]