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Get back to… Ray’s return to an active life

Musculoskeletal disorders are the biggest cause of disability. Despite the billions spent, the problem is just getting worse. Latest medical guidelines strongly recommend exercise therapy as the first-line-treatment for musculoskeletal disorders instead of much more expensive surgeries.

After experiencing a serious cardiovascular condition, Ray Posner’s return to health was aided by a ‘breakthrough’ discovery at Wauchope Physiotherapy, Port Macquarie.

In September 2018 I suffered an Aortic tear, which also cut off blood flow to one leg. Thankfully, the marvellous surgeons saved both me and my leg. 

However, I spent 16 plus weeks largely inactive and lost substantial muscle mass. I was discharged from hospital on a walker. 

After a few months I graduated from the walker to a walking stick, which was where I stagnated until I came into contact with the wonderful people at Wauchope Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab Centre in Port Macquarie.

My Physio treatment has taken me from being only able to walk with the stick (and pain) to now walking mostly without the stick and reduced pain.

The biggest breakthrough was when I started their getback program about 12 weeks ago.

This program is designed to ‘wake up’ and strengthen dormant muscles and improve flexibility, thereby providing more stability and support for everyday activities. It is particularly beneficial for lower back pain, of which I had plenty.

At the start of the program, you are tested for strength and flexibility. getback consists of a series of computerised machines where you exercise different body parts though a range of movement, over a specified time and against resistance. Being computerised, all results are recorded and at the end of each series of sessions you are tested again, and your results compared to where you started.

I am very satisfied with my improvement in ability, flexibility and general wellbeing, particularly since starting the getback program.

Many of the Physios are involved in various sporting activities and are able to relate to your abilities and set realistic goals for you. They understand you and your body, and will help you whether you are a sports person trying to recover from injury, or someone who is recovering from an injury or an accident. 

And if you are getting on in age (or any age for that matter) and need to improve strength and flexibility, I’m sure they will be happy to show you how the getback program works.

The team at Wauchope Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab Centre are friendly, understanding, and easy to talk to.

Ray Posner