Get back to… the driver’s seat

Many of us know how debilitating chronic back or neck pain can be. It can affect many areas of our lives, including the activities that give us greatest pleasure. 

But chronic back or neck pain can also impact how we perform relatively mundane activities that are critical to our everyday lives.

For Sharon McPherson, it was the ability to safely drive her car when the simple movement of turning her head came with constant pain.

‘Driving was difficult,’ Sharon recalls. ‘I had chronic neck pain and just turning my neck around was very difficult.’

The source of Sharon’s pain was another daily activity – very inconveniently, her job as a beauty therapist.

‘I’m always bending over and the positions I was in all day brought the pain on,’ she explains.  

‘Over the years I tried various things to help but they didn’t really do anything for me’.

Then one day a few years ago, a thoughtful client brought in a brochure for the getback program.

‘My work wasn’t far from the getback clinic so I thought, “Yeah, I’ll give it a go.”’

Sharon soon found that getback’s precisely controlled, device-based exercise was the right therapy for her. 

‘The program was truly tailored for me,’ she says. ‘It’s been amazing. I can actually move with so much more ease now. 

‘I’ve noticed I’ve got more strength and better posture.’

Sharon still has some pain, but she says it’s now manageable.

‘My movement is better and the devices help with strengthening,’ she says. ‘And I can do yoga, which I wasn’t able to do before.’

She has also found the program fits in well with her busy lifestyle. 

‘I actually look forward to coming to getback twice a week,’ she says. ‘Consistency is definitely the key, that’s when I’ve felt the most improvement.

‘It doesn’t take too long, just half an hour of your day, but it feels so much better.’ 

Watch Sharon’s getback story
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