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Get back to… the garden

Musculoskeletal disorders are the biggest cause of disability. Despite the billions spent, the problem is just getting worse. Latest medical guidelines strongly recommend exercise therapy as the first-line-treatment for musculoskeletal disorders instead of much more expensive surgeries.

A recurring back injury almost put an end to Peter’s days of pottering in the garden. 

The only crack you want to hear in the garden is when your secateurs slice cleanly through a branch that needs pruning. 

Unfortunately for Peter, the cracking sound as he was gardening was very unwelcome, signalling the recurrence of an old back injury.

‘After my initial injury many years ago, I had physio treatment and for quite a while everything seemed fine,’ Peter explained.

‘Then one day I was a bit over adventurous in the garden. I felt a crack. 

‘I’d done the same thing as the initial injury and it was almost paralysing.’

The getback programme was just beginning at Cook’s Hill in Newcastle, and Practice Principal Regina Larard suggested it was an appropriate treatment for Peter. 

After completing his initial programme, Peter chose to continue to build strength in his back with regular maintenance sessions. 

It’s had a positive impact on his life, and importantly, he’s back in his beloved garden.

‘It’s meant I can get on with the rest of my life with confidence,’ Peter says.

‘Now when I go into the garden, I seem to know my limits better. 

‘My back will tell me what I can and can’t do.

‘I don’t know how I’d go, if I wasn’t doing getback.’