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Physiotherapy for back pain relief

getback™ is a physiotherapy based program for back pain that focuses on relieving your pain in the short term, and building spinal mobility and strength for the long term. Book online today and put back pain behind you!

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getback for back pain relief

Relief in the short term

After an initial consultation to understand your condition, an individual treatment plan will be developed with you for your immediate needs and future goals. Your back pain treatment may begin with a combination of hands-on physiotherapy or osteopathy, movement-based therapy or exercise.

Resilience for the long term

Once your back pain has stabilised, you may complete an assessment to measure the mobility and strength of your spine’s supporting muscles.

These measurements are used to set mobility and strength targets as part of your overall treatment plan.

The ability to accurately measure spinal strength and mobility and track your progress sets getback apart from other back pain treatment programs.

Resilience in the long term

How is getback different from other back pain treatment?

getback Head of Exercise Physiology Adam Cabble explains how exercise based therapy is changing the way chronic back and neck pain is treated.

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The 6 Step getback Journey

1. Initial Physiotherapy Consultation

Your Physiotherapist will spend time understanding your condition, your needs and your goals.

2. Treatment Plan

Based on your needs, your treatment plan may begin with hands-on therapy, movement-based therapy, or a combination of both.

3. Strength and Mobility Assessment

Once your pain has stabilised, you will complete a strength and mobility assessment so we can advise the best recovery pathway for you.

4. Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy will focus on improving the strength and mobility of the deep stabilising muscles supporting your spine.

5. Re-assessment and Discharge

You will be re-assessed after completing your treatment to ensure you have reached your goals and discharged with a plan to maintain your improvement.

6. Review

Six months after discharge we will invite you back to review the plan and your progress.

About getback Newcastle (Cooks Hill)

Action Physiotherapy Newcastle

Action Physiotherapy is a well-established Musculo-skeletal practice in the Newcastle suburb of Cooks Hill. After 27 years based in Hamilton South, in 2020 we made the big move into the Cooks Hill Health Hub. 

Located on the corner of Darby and Tooke Street; offering undercover parking, a bus stop in front of the building and only a 15 minute walk to the Civic light rail stop. 

Having grown up in Cooks Hill, our Principal Physiotherapist Regina has seen monumental changes in inner Newcastle, including what was once a woolstore full of bales of wool, is now a new multi-discipline medical hub. 

Action Physiotherapy started with a heavy involvement in sport, being the Club Physiotherapist for the Newcastle Rugby Union team in the Sydney competition and the Newcastle National Soccer League team. We also worked closely with local club teams in Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer, Hockey and Basketball. We have had the privilege of looking after many generations of Novocastrian families. 

The practice is now even better equipped to serve the growing need for physiotherapy services in the area. In 2016, our clinic introduced the getback program for back and neck pain.

Physiotherapist checking his patient

Our Team

Regina Larard

Location: Newcastle-Cooks-Hill

Regina has more than 25 years’ experience helping patients with musculoskeletal problems. 

Before establishing Action Physiotherapy in 1994, Regina spent six years as a physiotherapist in the RAAF, both locally and overseas. Regina has also worked as a club/team physiotherapist with sporting teams at National, State and local levels, including:

  • Newcastle Wildfires Rugby
  • Newcastle Breakers Football
  • Hunters Basketball
  • Representative hockey teams
  • Local football and Rugby clubs &
  • Elite Equestrian riders                                                                           

Regina has a sports injury mindset of getting people back to their normal life as quickly as possible. 

Her foresight in introducing the getback program to Newcastle has provided her patients with further treatment options based on new technologies.

Regina Larard


Regina has more than 25 years’ experience helping patients with...

Covers and Claims

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) patients

– Pensioners – Medicare Schedule Fee

– Other patients – Gap payment to match fee schedule

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) patients

– No Gap charged

Workcover patients

– State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) accredited – No Gap charged

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) patients

– Patient pays and claims back; or patient is provided with a quote and can pay upfront for a block of sessions.

Services Provided

As musculo-skeletal physiotherapists, we simply want to return people to their normal daily activities as soon as safely possible, with a strong focus on creating and maintaining long term results.

That is why the getback exercise-based spinal program fitted so well with our goals for our patients.

After many years of helping patients with recurring spinal difficulties, we finally have an effective pathway to progress patients from ‘hands-on’ treatment methods to a more permanent positive outcome.

In addition to the getback program, we provide treatments based around:

Physiotherapy – Pain Control > Recovery of Movement > Physical Conditioning

A hands-on approach, treating a broad range of health concerns including general aches and pains, sports injuries, post operative rehabilitation, musculo-skeletal conditions as well as chronic health conditions.

What can you expect from a Physiotherapy Session?

  • First and foremost, you can expect EXPERT KNOWLEDGE and SUPPORT.
  • Discussion of your pain and/or injury.
  • Guided movement assessments and analysis.
  • Diagnosis of problem/dysfunction and any limitations it may present.
  • Application of appropriate treatment/s
    Self-management advice and exercise prescription.
  • Provision of required referrals and medical certificates.
  • Advise and provide any necessary products or equipment that you may require for your treatment program


Exercise Physiology – Move Better, Live healthier

Specialising in understanding the body’s response to exercise; whether you’re just wanting an exercise program to maintain a healthy lifestyle or if you’re recovering from illness or injury and need help restoring health, confidence and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can make an appointment directly with the clinic for an Initial Consultation with our Therapists. 

Based on your Initial Consultation, hands-on treatments may be required before moving into the getback program.

getback™ treatments go for an average of 30 minutes. getback recommends two treatments per week. Depending on results of the Initial Consultation, an individual program ranges from 12 to 24 treatments.

To get the best results, getback recommends two treatments per week. Depending on the Initial Consultation, individual programs range from 12 to 24 treatments.

Yes. Our qualified Therapists supervise each session to ensure all exercises are carried out safely and correctly and to monitor your progress.

getback™ devices are designed by biomechanical specialists and Exercise Physiologists to a medical rehabilitation standard. The devices are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia as Medical Grade One Measuring Devices.

getback™ devices are designed for isoinertial exercise (meaning resistance matches the muscle’s capacity thorough the total movement) to ensure that exercises are performed in the pain-free range, and find the right target in the lumbar spine. The multi-movement planes of the devices allow controlled movements in lumbar/thoracic flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion.

No, many of our patients use the devices either before or after work without changing clothes. You won’t break out in a sweat or need to shower afterwards.

No, getback is a planned rehabilitation program with a defined end point, usually between 12 to 24 treatments.

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Get 50% off your Initial Consultation*

*Only available to new getback clients for an Initial Consultation. Half price Initial Consultation will be $37.50 (RRP $75)

getback Newcastle



Get 50% off your Initial Consultation*

getback™ is a physiotherapy based back pain treatment program. Re-activate your healthy, strong back and re-discover the things you love.

*Terms and conditions: Only available to new getback clients on your initial consultation.