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Physiotherapy for back pain relief

getback™ is a physiotherapy based program for back pain that focuses on relieving your pain in the short term, and building spinal mobility and strength for the long term. Book online today and put back pain behind you!

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getback for back pain relief

Relief in the short term

After an initial consultation to understand your condition, an individual treatment plan will be developed with you for your immediate needs and future goals. Your back pain treatment may begin with a combination of hands-on physiotherapy or osteopathy, movement-based therapy or exercise.

Resilience for the long term

Once your back pain has stabilised, you may complete an assessment to measure the mobility and strength of your spine’s supporting muscles.

These measurements are used to set mobility and strength targets as part of your overall treatment plan.

The ability to accurately measure spinal strength and mobility and track your progress sets getback apart from other back pain treatment programs.

Resilience in the long term

How is getback different from other back pain treatment?

getback Head of Exercise Physiology Adam Cabble explains how exercise based therapy is changing the way chronic back and neck pain is treated.

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The 6 Step getback Journey

1. Initial Physiotherapy Consultation

Your Physiotherapist will spend time understanding your condition, your needs and your goals.

2. Treatment Plan

Based on your needs, your treatment plan may begin with hands-on therapy, movement-based therapy, or a combination of both.

3. Strength and Mobility Assessment

Once your pain has stabilised, you will complete a strength and mobility assessment so we can advise the best recovery pathway for you.

4. Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy will focus on improving the strength and mobility of the deep stabilising muscles supporting your spine.

5. Re-assessment and Discharge

You will be re-assessed after completing your treatment to ensure you have reached your goals and discharged with a plan to maintain your improvement.

6. Review

Six months after discharge we will invite you back to review the plan and your progress.

About getback Wauchope

Wauchope Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab Centre

Wauchope Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab Centre is based in the rapidly growing Port Macquarie region.

While tourism and farming have been the traditional mainstays in our region, the arrival of Charles Sturt University and Newcastle University have given the area a boost.

In 2015, our team built the region’s first dedicated Allied Health Facility. With rehabilitation in mind, the facility offers disabled access throughout and a modern, air-conditioned premises designed to assist those with pain and mobility problems.

Before moving to the current location, our Wauchope Physiotherapy team has been providing physiotherapy services to the greater Port Macquarie area since 1982. We’re located on Cameron Street, the second major street in the town, and a short walk from the main street and town centre. 

We’re close to the country link train stop for Wauchope but most patients come to us by car. We’re easy to get to, just 15 minutes from Port Macquarie. There is onsite parking, with disabled parking available and on-street parking also easy to find.

We have close ties to the local community, we assist local sport with sponsorship of the Wauchope rugby league club, touch football, golf and netball and frequent support of local initiatives, such as the walk to “de-feet MND”.

Physiotherapist checking his patient

Our Team

Nathan Lynch

Location: Port Macquarie

Nathan graduated from Sydney University in 1999 and has worked as a Physiotherapist in public and private settings in Australia, India and the UK. He joined Wauchope Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab Centre in 2007 and was instrumental in designing and building the first purpose-built allied health multidisciplinary clinic in the Hastings area.

Working in remote locations over the years led Nathan to develop a passion for evidence-based physio in challenging settings where best practice is not always possible.

Nathan is now the Principal Physiotherapist at Wauchope Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab Centre. The clinic has established a special interest in the rehab of chronic spinal pain over many years. In 2018 the clinic introduced the getback Spinal Rehabilitation System which enables accurate range of movement and strength dynamometry measurement in all spinal planes to assist patients suffering from chronic spinal pain.

Clinical Interests: Hip impingement pathology, Chronic Spinal pain, Lumbo-pelvic dysfunction, Chronic Neck pain, headache treatment with Watson Headache approach, return to sport rehabilitation, and vestibular/vertigo rehabilitation.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy (University of Sydney) 1999

Personal Interests: Enjoys spending time with his young family, resistance training, tennis and rescuing/rehabilitating injured native wildlife.

Nathan Lynch


Nathan graduated from Sydney University in 1999 and has worked...

Mitchell Olsen

Location: Port Macquarie

‘Mitch’ grew up in the Port Macquarie region and went on to complete his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Newcastle. After graduating in 2014, he spent two years working at the Port Macquarie Base Hospital where he developed a diverse range of acute care skills and acquired a special interest in post-operative care and rehabilitation.

Mitch is eager to pursue his interests in Sports Physiotherapy and helping athletes of all levels recover quickly and maximise their potential. With a hands on approach and dedication to evidence based practice Mitch looks forward to making a difference in your health and recovery.

Clinical Interests: Return to sport rehabilitation, acute and chronic Musculo-skeletal rehabilitation and vestibular/vertigo rehabilitation.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2014 (University of Newcastle)

Personal Interests: Cross-fit, surfing, camping and touch football.

Mitchell Olsen


‘Mitch’ grew up in the Port Macquarie region and went...

Alison Wilson

Location: Port Macquarie

Alison spent several years working as an Exercise Scientist and Pilates Instructor before joining our team as an Exercise Physiologist. She has experience working in the areas of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, neurological conditions, falls prevention programs, mental health and metabolic conditions.

Prior to becoming an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Alison enjoyed an extensive career in education and spent 13 years as Head PE Teacher in Mudgee.

Qualifications: Masters Degree Clinical Exercise Physiology, CSU Bathurst, 2021
Diploma of Exercise Studies, CSU Bathurst, 2019
Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Australian Fitness Academy, 2018
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement), Wollongong University, 1993

Clinical Interest: Alison has a keen interest in neurological conditions, chronic disease management, and return to exercise.

Personal interests: A competitive hockey player, Alison loves the challenge of new physical activities and sports and enjoys cooking and gardening at home.

Alison Wilson


Alison spent several years working as an Exercise Scientist and...

Tahlia Hunter

Location: Port Macquarie

Tahlia is home grown in the Hastings area and completed her high school at St Joseph’s Regional College. She went on to study a Bachelor of Physiotherapy through Charles Sturt University. Tahlia intends to complete further training to follow her interests in Women’s health and Pilates.

Tahlia is passionate about providing patient centred care, and works hard to help her clients achieve their goals.

Clinical Interests: Women’s and pelvic health, musculoskeletal conditions of pregnancy, Pilates and acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2020 (CSU Port Macquarie)

Personal Interests: Resistance training, Pilates, spending time with family and friends.

Tahlia Hunter


Tahlia is home grown in the Hastings area and completed...

Ben Crowe

Position: Physiotherapist
Location: Port Macquarie

Ben grew up in Bairnsdale, Victoria and completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at the University of Newcastle. He has a passion for working in rural areas and was able to complete his final year of study in Port Macquarie. He loved the area’s natural beauty and chose to stay!

Ben has always been a keen sportsman, playing and coaching AFL in country Victoria (which initially led to his interest in becoming a Physiotherapist), as well as tennis, soccer and surfing.

With an evidence based approach, Ben helps his clients at Wauchope Physiotherapy by getting to the source of the problem, allowing them to recover from injuries and achieve their goals.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), The University of Newcastle

Clinical Interests: Chronic pain, sport rehabilitation, acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

Personal Interests: Surfing, running, tennis, AFL and exploring the outdoors with friends.

Ben Crowe


Ben grew up in Bairnsdale, Victoria and completed a Bachelor...

Covers and Claims

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), Workcover and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) patients

– No Gap charged

Other patients

– Gap payment to match fee schedule

Services Provided

We’re the only practice in the Hastings area to offer an active spinal rehabilitation system, as provided by getback.

This unique arm of our practice for back and neck pain works alongside our other physiotherapy services. 

Physiotherapy treatments include:

  • Manual therapy, joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Movement retraining, postural retraining and exercise prescription
  • Balance retraining
  • Vertigo repositioning treatments
  • Assistance with independence and fall prevention
  • Acupuncture and dry needling for pain relief
  • Headaches & neck pain
  • All muscle and joint injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Children/adolescent Injuries
  • Foot orthotic prescription for biomechanical lower limb problems

Other services include:

  • Allied health services, e.g. Exercise physiology,
  • Massage therapy, Pilates and Audiology
  • Rehab classes
  • Whole body vibration
  • Rehab products
  • Orthopaedic rehab
  • Electro-therapy including ultrasound and interferential
  • Heat treatment/ cold treatment
  • Soft tissue massage

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can make an appointment directly with the clinic for an Initial Consultation with our Therapists. 

Based on your Initial Consultation, hands-on treatments may be required before moving into the getback program.

getback™ treatments go for an average of 30 minutes. getback recommends two treatments per week. Depending on results of the Initial Consultation, an individual program ranges from 12 to 24 treatments.

To get the best results, getback recommends two treatments per week. Depending on the Initial Consultation, individual programs range from 12 to 24 treatments.

Yes. Our qualified Therapists supervise each session to ensure all exercises are carried out safely and correctly and to monitor your progress.

getback™ devices are designed by biomechanical specialists and Exercise Physiologists to a medical rehabilitation standard. The devices are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia as Medical Grade One Measuring Devices.

getback™ devices are designed for isoinertial exercise (meaning resistance matches the muscle’s capacity thorough the total movement) to ensure that exercises are performed in the pain-free range, and find the right target in the lumbar spine. The multi-movement planes of the devices allow controlled movements in lumbar/thoracic flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion.

No, many of our patients use the devices either before or after work without changing clothes. You won’t break out in a sweat or need to shower afterwards.

No, getback is a planned rehabilitation program with a defined end point, usually between 12 to 24 treatments.

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Get 50% off your Initial Consultation*

*Only available to new getback clients for an Initial Consultation. Half price Initial Consultation will be $37.50 (RRP $75)

getback Wauchope



Get 50% off your Initial Consultation*

getback™ is a physiotherapy based back pain treatment program. Re-activate your healthy, strong back and re-discover the things you love.

*Terms and conditions: Only available to new getback clients on your initial consultation.