Adrian Ram

Adrian Ram

Position: Principal Exercise Physiologist
Location: Wollongong

Adrian is the Principal Exercise Physiologist at Rehwork Rehabilitation and Consultancy in Wollongong, where he specialises in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. In addition to his professional role, Adrian is a current PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales and has demonstrated his expertise through the publication of numerous peer-reviewed publications in the field of clinical Exercise Physiology.

Adrian is widely recognised as an influential member of the community, having participated in social engagement activities for Exercise Science Sport Science Australia (ESSA), including campaigns and talks for National Pain Week, and presenting at the recent ESSA conference.

Adrian’s passion for improving the role of Exercise Physiologists in managing and treating musculoskeletal pain is evident through his unwavering commitment to ongoing research and education. Specifically, Adrian is dedicated to exploring the crucial role of exercise and education in improving the lives of patients suffering from musculoskeletal pain.

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