New Training Track feature enables precise control over exercise

New Training Track feature enables precise control over exercise

getback™ medical rehabilitation devices were developed by Biomechanists and Exercise Scientists to enable targeted, safe and progressive exercise for the deep spinal muscles associated with back pain.

Now a new Training Track mode introduced on the getback devices gives therapists even more precise control over exercise parameters, including concentric/eccentric tempo and range, static training and difficulty level. 

The range and speed of the Training Track automatically follows the patient’s exercise set levels. The Track training mode also adds more variety and challenge to the patient’s exercise.


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Training Tracks are created on the EVE software platform, a virtual assistant for planning, patient care, quality and safety.

EVE is the brain behind getback’s state-of-the-art back rehabilitation devices and enables therapists to treat more patients at the same time.

During a patient’s Initial Consultation, EVE records all patient data including mobility and isometric strength and automatically creates a personalised programme based on the data.

Patients log in with a personalised card and EVE automatically adjusts device settings, load and range of motion, and guides the patient to exercise correctly within the training parameters.

EVE asks for patient feedback following the exercise, and automatically adjusts the programme where required. All the data from the patient’s treatment is added real-time to the cloud.

Via a dashboard, the therapist can track which patients are exercising, which exercises they are doing and their levels of compliance and progress. This allows the therapist to treat and monitor multiple patients at the same time, without loss of quality.

Therapists can then evaluate the patient’s treatment based on accurate data and generate a case report to validate their recommendations.

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