What is the getback objective?

People with back or neck pain often have significant weakness in the spine’s deep supporting muscles, which play a critical role in stabilising the spine. getback™ physiotherapy is designed to safely re-activate and strengthen the spine’s deep supporting muscles with precisely controlled loading and movement.

Why are the spinal muscles so important?

Why are the spinal muscles so important?

Watch: the role of the deep spinal muscles in back pain, and how getback physiotherapy targets these muscles to stabilise the spine, improve mobility and reduce pain.

A group of deep muscles attached to the spine (the multifidus) play a critical role in stabilising the spine for movement. 

When these deep spinal muscles are healthy and strong, they activate in preparation for movement, stabilising the spine and protecting it from excessive range of motion.


The deep spinal muscles support the individual vertebra as they move during everyday activities such as bending forwards, sideways, backwards and rotating our body.

Research shows that people with back pain, particularly chronic pain, often have significant weakness in these muscles.


Re-activating the deep spinal muscles

getback™ physiotherapy re-activates and strengthens the deep spinal muscles using rehabilitation devices that isolate and stimulate a response from the muscles.

The strength and flexibility of your deep spinal muscles is measured by getback devices during your Initial Consultation. Your customised treatment plan is based on data from the Consultation and a questionnaire to understand which movements trigger your pain.

Treatment starts with a limited range of movement and light loading. getback™ devices are precisely designed to provide you with the right level of support for easy-to-handle loading. The technology ensures that your initial rehabilitation phase focuses on pain-free and highly targeted resistance.

Data on your strength, pain and range of movement is continually recorded by the devices for review . 

Physiotherapist standing and testing the medical tool

Targeted and measurable treatment

getback™ physiotherapy was developed by combining the latest medical research and clinical practice to create a specific treatment for back or neck pain.

getback promotes spinal health by targeting and rebuilding the deep spinal muscles that are associated with back and neck pain.

Our rehabilitation devices and technology platform measure and record the strength and flexibility of your spinal muscles during every treatment.

Your results are compared with benchmarks from a worldwide database for your age, height, weight and gender.

You begin with a clear target to get back to normative levels of strength and mobility and can track your progress to a defined finish line.

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4 ways to getback


The strength and mobility of your deep spinal muscles is measured during your initial getback physiotherapy consultation.


Your customised treatment targets any weakened or injured spinal muscles to rebuild strength and mobility.


You can review your progress with strength and flexibility data recorded by exercise devices during each treatment.


There is a clear finishing line – a typical getback treatment lasts 6-12 weeks (12-24 treatments).

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getback™ is a physiotherapy based back pain treatment program. Re-activate your healthy, strong back and re-discover the things you love.

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