Join getback's Australian Partnership Program

If you run a Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or Exercise Physiology practice and are interested in expanding your range of services, growing your business, and helping us on our mission of delivering a measurable pathway to spinal health to millions of Australians suffering from back pain – we’d love to talk with you!

Introducing the science that will transform
the way you treat back and neck pain

  • Precise rehabilitation devices
  • Targeting deep spinal muscles
  • Measurable patient outcomes

“The getback equipment measures things we could never measure before… now we can measure things as fundamental as Range of Motion and Strength accurately and reliably. The treatment of spinal pain just became a science. Real science.”


Addressing a
common problem

  • 6 rehabilitation devices
  • Every treatment measured
  • Worldwide benchmarking
  • Safe, supported exercise
  • Precisely controlled loading
  • Data captured in real-time

If you’d like to find out more about joining the getback Partnership Program – please get in touch today!