Why (and how) does getback measure the strength and flexibility of your spinal muscles?

By Adam Cabble, getback Head of Exercise Physiology

getback™ Physiotherapy is at the forefront of using technology to develop measurable, individual treatment plans for patients with back or neck pain. 

While getback takes a holistic approach that may begin with hands-on therapy or targeted exercises, ultimately the aim is to empower patients to regain their back strength and movement to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

An initial Physiotherapy consultation at getback includes a comprehensive assessment to understand your back or neck pain, medical history, lifestyle and specific goals. 

The assessment may also involve measuring the strength and range of motion of your spinal muscles, using devices specifically designed by Bio-mechanists and Exercise Scientists

Your therapist will guide you through carefully controlled movements on the devices, which precisely measure spinal muscle strength and activation patterns to identify imbalances and weaknesses.

Measurements for the Multifidus spinal muscle group have particular significance in the development of treatment plans for patients with back pain. 

The Multifidus are deep, intricate muscles running along the spine that play a pivotal role in maintaining stability, alignment and controlled movement of the vertebrae. 

Weakness or dysfunction in the Multifidus muscles can lead to a loss of stability in the vertebrae and uneven load distribution on the spine. 

By measuring the strength of these muscles, your getback physiotherapist can identify areas of weakness and devise a treatment plan to enhance stability and reduce strain on other spinal structures.

Measuring the range of motion of your spinal muscles provides further insights into any restrictions or abnormalities that hinder movement. Tailored exercise programs are then devised to focus on improving flexibility and functional movement.

Given their crucial role in overall spinal function, accurately measuring the strength and range of motion of these deep spinal muscles is essential for designing treatment plans for each patient’s unique needs.

Customised exercise programs based on your strength and range of motion data are a cornerstone of getback’s approach to long-term management of back health.

getback devices are not just for taking measurements – they also enable targeted, safe and progressive exercise for the deep spinal muscles.

The devices control your individual exercise plan and measure and record your strength and movement data during each treatment.

Regular reassessments are conducted to measure improvements and refine treatment plans. This data-driven, evidence-based approach ensures that treatment plans remain effective and achieve optimal results.

The ability to measure the strength and range of motion of spinal muscles ultimately empowers patients to regain control over their health and promotes lasting strength, mobility and overall wellbeing.

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