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Why your Initial Consultation is so important

Musculoskeletal disorders are the biggest cause of disability. Despite the billions spent, the problem is just getting worse. Latest medical guidelines strongly recommend exercise therapy as the first-line-treatment for musculoskeletal disorders instead of much more expensive surgeries.

Your Initial Consultation at getback is the most important 30-minute appointment you will have. Why? Because it’s all about getting to know you and understanding the pattern of your back or neck pain.

For many patients, back and neck pain is mechanical by nature. There is a pattern to the pain – movements or activities that make the pain worse, things that don’t affect it, or perhaps movements that reduce pain.

Understanding the pattern of your pain is our Initial Consultation challenge. It may not be obvious to you, but once we understand your pattern, we’ll know if movement-based treatment – strengthening and mobilising the small muscles around your spine – can reduce your pain and get you back doing the things you love. 

The good news is that our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are specifically trained to recognise these patterns of pain. Once we understand your pattern, we’ll know if getback treatment is suitable for you. 

What happens during the Consultation?

Interview – our Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist or will ask you a series of specific questions to understand your needs and to identify the pattern of your pain.

Questionnaire – you’ll complete a questionnaire called an Oswestry, to find out how pain affects you when sitting, standing, walking and other everyday activities. The questionnaire helps us to understand the specific pattern of your pain and ultimately, whether a getback treatment program can help you. 

Introduction to getback – your therapist will explain how a getback treatment program can provide you with a clear, measurable pathway to spinal health.

Our treatments are designed to precisely strengthen the muscles supporting the back. Evidence has shown that weakness in these muscles can lead to back pain.

getback™ devices trial – the exciting part! You’ll have the opportunity to trial one or two devices from the getback treatment program. Your therapist will explain how to use the device and show how its screen guides and measures your treatment.

getback™ devices target and activate the deep muscles around the spine. The treatment program focuses on mobilising and strengthening these deep spinal muscles, which play a critical role in supporting the spine and reducing neck and back pain.

What’s the outcome of an Initial Consultation?

If we’ve been able to identify a pattern to your pain, and your movements on one or two getback devices feel good, we can help you.

We’ll explain the pattern of your pain, what it means for your treatment and work with you to prepare the best plan.

If, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to identify a pattern to your pain or get you to exercise comfortably on any devices, we won’t be able to treat you directly. We’ll provide you with our best advice to get the care and treatment you need. 

Our mission at getback is to help patients live free of back and neck pain and enjoy all the activities they love.

At the end of your Consultation, you’ll leave with a clear plan to get back to your best life.