Why your getback Initial Consultation is so important

Patients are able to track their improvement in their data with our Physiotherapists.

By Adam Cabble, getback Head of Exercise Physiology

Your Initial Consultation at getback is the most important appointment you will have. Why? Because it’s all about getting to know you and understanding the pattern of your back pain or neck pain.

For many patients, back and neck pain is mechanical by nature. There is a pattern to the pain – movements or activities that make the pain worse, things that don’t affect it, or perhaps movements that reduce pain.

Understanding the pattern of your back pain is our Initial Consultation challenge.

It may not be obvious to you, but once we understand your pattern, we’ll know if movement-based treatment – strengthening and mobilising the supporting muscles around your spine – can reduce your pain and get you back doing the things you love. 

The good news is that our Therapists are specifically trained to recognise these patterns of back pain. Once we understand your pattern, we’ll know if getback treatment is suitable for you. 

What happens during the Initial Consultation?


Your Therapist will ask you a series of specific questions to understand your needs and to identify the pattern of your pain.


You’ll complete a questionnaire called an Oswestry, to find out how back pain affects you when sitting, standing, walking and other everyday activities.

The questionnaire helps us to understand the specific pattern of your pain and ultimately, whether a getback treatment program can help you. 

Strength and mobility assessment

Based on your responses in the interview and questionnaire, your Therapist may complete an assessment of your back and neck strength and mobility on the getback devices.

What’s the outcome of your Initial Consultation?

The Initial Consultation enables your Therapist to understand your pattern of pain, its severity, and how long and frequent your pain episodes are.

Your Therapist will explain the pattern of your pain to you and what it means for your treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

A treatment plan in line with clinical best practice and your needs will then be discussed with you.

Your treatment will commence during the consultation and could include a combination of hands-on therapy, movement based therapy and advice about modulation of pain at home.

By the end of your consultation you will understand the pattern of your back or neck pain (your condition) and have taken the first steps on your treatment pathway.

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